Child Protection Program

The present socio-economic situation cannot give security to save lives of the poor families and their children. Maximum parents of this area are unable to meet up the minimum need of their children. As a result of this, there is the problem of child labor. The KJKS feels that the society cannot be stable unless each and every people of the society gets their rights and have the knowledge to distinguish between the good and evil. So KJKS intervened to combat against this problem.

Objectives behind the intervention of KJKS:

  • To understand critical factors responsible for child labor in the area through research, observation, direct intervention and collaborative action program with all duty bearers.
  • To organize integrated program aimed at the children through building capacities of families on child rights and simultaneously explore and support alternative income generation programs.
  • To increase accountability of the duty bearers towards ensuring child rights, basic education and participation of children and also take positive steps to stop child labor, child trafficking from the area.
  • To ensure children’s voices in the gram samsad’s through their participation

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