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Located 8 to 10 kilometers away from the Bay of Bengal, down the rusty red colored road, lies the village Kajla, of a once ruled kingdom of King Kajal.

Inspired by waves of the rising Freedom Movement, a group of enthusiastic youths came forward to form a club namely Milita Banbhab for betterment of their village conditions in the year 1943. During that period the team of Milita Bandhab Club worked on helping serious patients of the community, solved various type of village problems and organized sports, cultural activities and others educational programs and helped common activities of the community. Entire program organized without any outside assistance (both financially and non-financially).

During the year 1945 an enthusiastic youth of the village after completing his Post-Graduate degree returned to his the village and noticed that a group of committed youths had been practicing different types of social service activities in an unorganized way. Then he mobilized those youth and advised them to register the club to avail all the facilities of Government & others in their path of service. He also added that in this way they would be able to work in an organized and systematic way. Following his advice they approached to a landlord for a land. The landlord conceptualized their appeal and verbally gave his approval to use the land. After getting permission to use the land, they along with the villagers started their journey. With strong determination, hard labour and voluntary contribution by means of begging (mustibhiksha) they constructed a building and started a Library, a Clinic, Non-formal schools and Supplementary Coaching Centre for the local people. Their involvement was mainly through helping the sick; physically carrying the patients to hospitals, conducting sports and cultural events for the children and youth etc. Finally they got Govt. registration as an organization namely Kajla Janakalyan Samity in the year of 1956.

The villages (Sarada, Kajla, Hinchi, Parulia, Baghadari) are in the coastal belt of Contai Sub-division in the district of East Midnapur of West Bengal and are affected by recurrence of flood cyclone, inundation with saline water, impeded drainage, indiscriminate de-forestation, monocropping land and occasional drought. The people earn their livelihood through engagement in agriculture, from fishing in deep sea, daily wage earning and also by making and selling local handicraft products made from bamboo, cane, and leaves from palm and dates trees. The villagers in general suffer from malnutrition and various diseases like dysentery, worm, skin etc. Maximum people of backward community has been migrated to others districts and state.

In this backdrop, the then social workers felt an immense urge to form a platform to perceive the problems and to take the remedial measures. Accordingly Kajla Jana Kalyan Samity (KJKS) took the shape in 1945 before we got independence the struggle for freedom carried out during the period especially under the leadership of great freedom fighter. Deshapran Birendranath Sasmal also motivated the local people to form the organization.

During 1945-90, the organization was devoted to perform varied cultural program and creating infrastructure in the area such as road, post-office, School library, Co- operative society and even the Tele-communication facility and electricity for domestic consumptions were arranged. From 1990 onwards, a change in the perspective and thought process was observed in the perspective of globalization, new economic policy, structural adjustment affecting the rural people. So instead of concentrating on mere welfare activities, the organization started emphasizing on rights based development by motivating, developing awareness and ensuring people’s rights.

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