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To fulfill the above mission & vision, and keeping in mind the present socio-economic condition KJKS has set the following objectives;

  • To form different teams/organizations out of the different relatively deprived and poor people to initiate comprehensive development action programs leading to self-reliance.
  • To promote education amongst the villagers, to create awareness, motivating them to gain strength to fight against ignorance, superstition, poverty, exploitation, discrimination, and deprivation.
  • To facilitate the empowerment of the rural women and gender equality enabling them to participate in decision-making processes within the family and at all levels of the society.
  • To do networking & advocacy at local, district, state as well as national level on burning issues for the fulfillment of basic needs of poor people.
  • To promote organic farming and environment education for protecting environment from pollution and degeneration/degradation.
  • To develop leadership quality amongst the poor and marginalized people by incapacitating them to initiate action towards development for sustainable livelihood.
  • To create several action-oriented programs for ensuring child rights.
  • To develop alternative integrated subjective model based on local resource, knowledge, and skill.
  • To form a strong network of CBOs and likeminded organizations for generating mass awareness, lobbying and advocacy on relevant developmental issues and Child Rights.

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