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Our Programmes

Program                                          Details activities         
  •  Running Schools for backward children
  •  Brings awareness among the community on education rights
  • Ensure children’s participation in education
  • Bridge Course Centre for drop out children
  • Capacity building of teachers
  • Collaboration with Govt. primary school for ensuring quality education
  • Mobile library, Rural Library
  • Book Bank
  • Running coaching center for potential school dropout children
Women’s Empowerment & Micro-Credit Program
  • Formation of SHG, Cluster and Federation
  • Capacity building of members
  • Savings & credit activities
  • Grain bank/Rice Bank
  • Income generation programme
  • Collective programs & initiatives
  •  Awareness building on various social issues
Natural Resource Management & Alternative

Livelihood Development


  • Integrated farm management
  • Nutrition Garden
  • General Garden
  • Pond Management
  • System of rice Intensification Method (SRI)
  • Relay cropping
  • Produced & used of different Bio & Organic fertilizers
  • Plantation (Orchard/General forest Plat/Medicinal plants
  • Indigenous & perennial varieties seed production & spread
  • Land treatment for irrigation & underground water recharge
  • Potato cultivation at moist earth
  • Organized training & workshop on bio-farming, beekeeping, vermi compost, global warming, pond management, integrated farming, Azola cultivation, mushroom cultivation, Animal husbandry & govt. schemes, etc
Child protection
  •  Awareness & sensitization program for reducing child labour & child domestic worker, Child trafficking, child abuse, child marriage
  • Networking and advocacy with NGOs, CBOs and Govt. officials and public representatives.
  • Formation children’s groups and adolescent team.
  • Collaboration with PRI & police to protect the children.
  • Formation of child protection committee as per ICPS guideline at different level such as Gram Samsad, block level.
Children’s Home
  • Children’s home for boys who are need care & protection
  • Emergency Service through provides oxygen, Blood and ambulance service.
  • Awareness generation program
  • Promotion of herbal plants and use of herbal medicine.
  • Running Rogi Sayata Kendra  with the collaboration of Rogi Kalyan Samity as per NRHM
Disaster Preparedness & Management Program
  • Relief & Rehabilitation
  • Collaborative program with PRI & others govt. officials
  • Undertaken disaster preparedness activities
  • Formation DRR committee
Networking & Advocacy
  • Networking with likeminded NGO, Alliances & CBOs
  • Advocacy with Govt. official & public representatives
  • Publish News letter
Sports & cultural
  • Indoor & outdoor game
  • Cultural team
  • Street theater groups

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